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Education Opportunities for Disadvantaged Israeli Children

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New York, NY (December 10, 2012) Youth Renewal Fund (YRF) announces an educational art project Painting the Future in partnership with award-winning, community-based public artist, Max Levi Frieder.

Max will work with 4 different YRF projects in Israel in Tirat Carmel, Ramla, Lod and Ashdod, leading students in the creation of a series of murals. Students will be directed in English as the program is part of YRF’s emphasis on improving English language fluency using interactive and immersive instruction methods.

There will be a major culminating photography exhibition  of the YRF murals on March 1; they will be integrated into a larger project that is being sponsored by Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, in Tel Aviv. The production culminates in August with a mile-long mural that will wrap around Beit Hatfutsot, before being sectioned and sent on visiting tours to other Jewish museums around the world.

The benefits of the partnership between the artist and YRF were clear — the start. “The Painting the Future project presents an opportunity to expose YRF students to a creative process while developing English fluency skills—a key focus of YRF’s curriculum,” commented Karen Berman, Youth Renewal Fund’s US Executive Director. “We are thrilled to work with an artist of Max’s caliber and excited that all of Israel—and the global Jewish community—will be able to view and be inspired by the work of our students.”

YRF, founded in New York in 1989, has been operating as a global organization since its inception. Painting the Future is another opportunity for stakeholders in the two countrie to collaborate. “Not only does this project provide YRF students with additional exposure to the arts and English, but it is another direct link between YRF’s American supporters and our communities in Israel,” noted Galit Toledano-Harris, YRF’s Israel Executive Director.

Max became involved with Youth Renewal Fund through his uncle, Adam Sokoloff, a long-time YRF donor and supporter. He has previously worked in Israel, in addition to creating art with communities throughout the United States and in New Zealand and Costa Rica. “I am excited to take Painting the Future to the different communities YRF serves.  Bringing together children of all ages and backgrounds through a collaborative, creative process is not only educational, but can also serve as a catalyst for social change.”

 About Youth Renewal Fund

Founded in 1989, Youth Renewal Fund is changing Israel’s schools, communities and educational landscape. With offices in New York, NY and Yehud, Israel, YRF provides disadvantaged Israeli children with the education they need to improve their lives, their families and their communities.

About Max Levi Frieder

Max Levi Frieder is a community based public artist who graduated — the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Painting, 2012.  He also studied at the Elam School of Fine Arts, at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He is — Denver, Colorado, and has worked with communities in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Israel and the United States. Although trained in painting, his work focuses on public engagement through creative facilitation and inspired participation.