Parents Circle Families Forum Collaborative Palestinian and Israeli Family Dialogue Mural, Painted in Central Cinemataque, Tel Aviv, Israel

In the wake of the most recent conflict, the Parents Circle Families Forum brought over 100 Palestinians from across the West Bank into the heart of Tel Aviv for a series of dialogue circles in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. To accompany the verbal dialogue was a canvas mural which allowed the conversation to take tangible form. The painting started from the children of both the local and visiting communities. On the pristine white canvas, 2 children started the painting; one palestinian one Israeli, neither aware of the other painting.  As people began to fluctuate in and out of the mural, there became a fluid transition between people of all kinds.

Strong political messages of writing began to form which triggered a reverse response. The political messages started with Palestinian messages of freedom, the response by Israelis was words of coexistence. The layering of conversations in Arabic and Hebrew became a background coming from different hands, and different personal backgrounds. Flags also appeared, painted in response to one another. One by a a small Palestinian girl, one by an older Israeli man. unaware of each other, only aware of the conversation. The finished painting  resulted in people of all minds and expressions facing in all directions looking apart and at one another. The process of this creation was completely open to free dialogue, with no obstructions of any kind. The result, a physical conversation between people of different worlds living together in the same story.