Street Art with Street Kids: The world’s most vulnerable citizens advocate for their fellow homeless youth through the arts and sports. Partnership with Street Child United

Artolutionary Joel Bergner has teamed up with UK-based organization Street Child United for their global events in London and Brazil, where formerly and currently homeless adolescents from around the world have come together to meet one another, play sports tournaments and participate in public arts activities. Together with their staff members from organizations that support street children ini over 20 countries, the youth participants have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the plight of those like them across the world and advocate for their rights. By organizing high-profile events like the Street Child World Cup and the Street Child Summit, participants have achieved many concrete results, such as improving laws that discriminate against street youth in South Africa, educational scholarships for the team from Pakistan, and the creation of a global network of former and currently homeless youth and the community organizations that support them. Thanks to partner artists Bec Dennison, Meghan O’Malley and all the incredible organizations and young people who made these events such emotional and inspiring experiences for all!