Suenos y Alegrías ( Dreams and Joys), Mural in Bone Vista, South Bogota, Colombia, South America





The mural was incredible experience that came at a time that needed a in intense communal  beautification. Sueños y Alegrías is an organization  that does wonderful social and humanitarian work for children in the South of Bogata in an area with very high poverty  and violence rate. The Day before we were supposed to paint the mural, we got the news that one of the children of the community had passed away due to parental domestic violence. There was to be a funeral the day of the mural at 12:00 in the afternoon, and we had to shorten the mural to a two hour experience  Although this was shocking news, the Colombia Artolution was an amazing response to such difficult news. When we arrived the children were extremely excited, and their dedication, poise, calm and engagement made this very short project remarkably successful. We were able to leave and additional amount of canvas, paint and brushes for the center in which they would be able to do another mural in the future. This project was able to plant a seed of colorful hope in a place that is the birth of the upcoming Colombia Artolution in 2014.


(All photos have been approved and have permission of Sueños y Alegrías)


final Victoria Mural