“The Artery Artree”, Ngaio Art House, Wellington

“The Artery Artree” dips its branched paintbrushes into the river of paint and dabs it on the palette leaves strewn about its colorful limbs!

Ngaio Art House group with Coordinator Dianne Baker

“The Artery Artree”
The Wellington Art house, “A for Art” Ngaio
Coordinator- Dianne Baker
Ages- 10-13
Days of Completion- 2

“The Artery Artree” started as a massive puddle of color that was dripped, blown, swirled and jiggled into a ground for this tree of creation. Within the last couple of years, Art House Coordinator Dianne Baker has moved the Wellington Art House — Lower Hutt to her studio in Ngaio. In this beautifully calm space, the hum of classical music spurred these children on to make this magical tree hold countless brushes and dip them in a the river of paint that it is living inside. Every leaf is a palette, and the massive entanglement of branches culminates in a giant hand gripping a huge dripping paintbrush.  These children were extremely talented, and saw the piece in to its end. This mural was seen by the National Children’s Commissioner, Russel Wilke, when the mural was presented to the city  in the Community Trust Building. Wellington is the creative capital of NZ, and with the completion of this journey, this smiling Artree is beckoning the future of youth art in beautiful New Zealand!