The Power of the Paint Brush!

“The Power of the Paintbrush”
The Opotiki Art House
Displayed at the Opotiki Police Station, 1m x 3m
Art House Coordinator- National Director and Founder- Shona Hammond Boys
Current Coordinator-Trudy Demant
Ages- 6-14
Days of Completion- 2

“The Power if the Paintbrush” takes the viewer through a wild adventure down a path of youth murals in Opotiki. This town has been completely revamped and covered with colorful murals through the hard work of Shona Hammond Boys, Founder and National Director of the NZ Children’s Art House Foundation. Within a relatively short period of time, this town went — having no murals to becoming the youth mural capital of New Zealand. Throughout this dedicatory mural, each mural in Opotiki is referenced and emerging — the paintbrush of the  little girl on the big ladder. It is a mural trail. Children of all ages — the Opotiki Art house worked on this piece, and presented it to the Blue Light Initiative, a youth organization run by police officers. The piece was given to Officer Ian Dodds at the Opotiki Police station, for his extended support of youth-art in Opotiki. It is hanging publicly, and Ian even went to the trouble of mounting and framing the piece himself. When Officer Dodds received the piece, his eyes lit up and his whole face grinned in a small explosion of laughter. It is unusual for fun art to be given as a public gift to a police station, let alone one that has been through so much adversity. Color now lights up the station every day in the small sleepy town in the Bay of Plenty.

The Opotiki mural has been a paint path of adventure. Every piece of the mural is a part of one of many murals strewn about this little mural town. It was presented to the police station as a gift for all of the hard work they have done to make this place into a mural town. Everything in this piece only exists because of the little girl on the ladder. Her paint brush is the spark for this whole world.