Washington DC 11th Street Bridge Mural, painted by young artists from both sides of the Anacostia River, In collaboration with THEARC, The Risa Fund, Art Reach and Building Bridges Across the River



Mural Story Description

The mural stems from the splitting of the Anacostia river, being crossed by a luminous bridge. The water drops expand into depictions of both sides of the river, and the communities who live there. On the Capital Hill side, there is a line of winged people flying above,  evolving into birds. On the Anacostia side, Jet-packed people are flying up above starting from the multi-faced people emerging from the bridge. In the center is a reflected clock below the bridge, with two figures above. One with a jet pack and one with wings. Both represent either side of the river, with paint brushes trailing marks of brilliant color ending in the center with the universal symbol of equality.


Young Artist’s quotes:

“ The divide of the Anacostia is a symbol of how different the same place can be.”

“ The two sides of the Anacostia, are two sides of the same coin. Yet the sides don’t see each other, and without the bridge, they cannot see the other side.  It is symbolic of the bridges of communication which can be built in the future.”

“Almost everyone on both sides of the river perpetuates the barriers, this mural and this story breaks down that barrier.”

“The mural is opening a conversation that is a two way-street of acknowledging Washington DC is both Anacostia and Capital Hill. Anacostia is still DC, and can’t be forgotten. Even though it hasn’t been industrialized and gentrified, it is an real part of the countries capital.”

“People don’t feel welcome on both sides of the River. This bridge will hopefully change that.”

“As teenagers we don’t get the privilege to make an impact on DC. This mural feels like we are changing that.”

“The wings represent the old and natural way which is the roots of DC, its organic. The Jet Packs represent how the other side is manufactured, sleek, seamless and goes to where the future is headed.  Both help us fly, however each side has different experiences with different opportunities.”